It started when God gave a new assignment : Mission task to our principal Rev. Dr. Jonathan Trisna who has served as teacher in practical theology at bethel seminary. He felt God wanted him to be involved in the great commission ( Mat 28 : 19-20 ). With his younger brother David Timotius Trisna and several others, they started BSOM ( Borneo School of Mission) to disciple lost souls in Borneo (Kalimantan)..


To help people in Kalimantan become disciples of Christ


To train 30 Pastors ready to harvest and to pastor people in Kalimantan. They must have the character of the Lord Jesus Christ

Our Leaders

Jonathan Abdi Trisna.

RESUME, February 2, 2012

Name : Dr. Jonathan Abdi Trisna, (M. Psy, D. Th.)

E-mail :

Place & Date of birth : Kudus, September 16, 1945.

Deceased wife's & birthdate : Harjanti Tanudjaja, November 12, 1956.

Children & birthdates :

  1. Robert Paul Trisna, March 10, 1983.
  2. Denise Kristi Trisna, March 1, 1984.

Citizenship : Indonesia.

Ministerial Ordination :

  1. Pentecostal Holiness Ch., May 4, 1973.
  2. Gereja Bethel Indonesia(Bethel Church of God), August, 1982.


1951 – 1957 Elementary : “St. Aloysius,” Surabaya, Indonesia.

1957 – 1960 Junior High : “Angelus Custos,” Surabaya, Indonesia.

1960 – 1963 Senior High : “St. Louis,” Surabaya, Indonesia.


1963 – 1967 “Surabaya Institute of Technology,” (in Electronics).

1968 I went to the U. S. A.

1969 – 1971 “Oklahoma City Southwestern College,” Oklahoma City, OK., USA. Bachelor of Arts in Religion, May 24, 1971.


1971 – 1972 “Bethany Nazarene College,” Bethany, OK., USA.

Jan. 15, 1973 Master of Arts in Religion.

1973 – 1975 “Nazarene Theological Seminary,” Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

May 13. 1975 Master of Divinity (in Theology).

1975 – 1976 “Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary,” Kansas City, Mo., USA

1976 – 1978 “Phillips University Graduate Seminary,” Enid, Oklahoma, USA.

April 30, 1978 Doctor of Ministry (in Pastoral Care and Counseling).

Project Title: “Lay Counselor Training.”

Summer 1974 One quarter of Clinical Pastoral Education at Research Hospital and Medical Center, Kansas City, MO., USA.

1988 – 1992 “University of Indonesia,” Graduate School of Psychology, Jakarta, Indonesia. Master in Clinical Psychology in February, 1992. Thesis: “Raising Husband-Wife adjustment in Marriage through Treatment in Small Groups.”

2004 – 2007 “Baptist Theological Seminary,” Semarang, Indonesia. Doctor of Theology, October 26, 2007, Dissertations: “Raising Excellent Kids.”


1970 – 1973 Associate Pastor of “Del City Pentecostal Holiness Church,” Del City, Oklahoma, USA.

1975 – 1976 Pastor of “House of Prayer Pentecostal Holiness Church,” Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

1977 – 1978 Associate Pastor of “Abundant Life Temple Pentecostal Holiness Church,” Enid, Oklahoma, USA.

1977 – 1978 Therapist at Enid State School (school for the mentally retarded), Enid, Oklahoma, USA.

1975 – 1976 Teacher at “Full Faith Church of Love” Bible School, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

1978 – 1980 Acting Pastor at GBI Jatinegara, Jakarta.

1978 – now Teacher at Bethel Theological Seminary (BTS), Jakarta and several other schools of theology in Indonesia (Jakarta, Batu, Surabaya, Bandung, Makassar, Balikpapan, Malang).

1978 – now Counselor for Bethel Church of God (Indonesia).

1980 – 1983 Dean of School of Christian Education at BTS, Jakarta.

1983 – 1994 Dean of Students at BTS, Jakarta.

1979 – 1998 Staff of LIA (Indonesia – America Institute, teaching English), Jakarta.

1978 – now Seminar speakers on Family and Marriage, Dating, Church Growth, Leadership

1992 – 2004 Director of the graduate program at BTS (offering Master of Arts in Church Ministries and Master of Theology).

1997 – 2004 President of BTS (two peiods, 7 years).

2005 – now Chairman of the Department of Pastoral Counseling Studies.

2006 – now Joining Asian Outreach, an Asian mission organization. Teaching for its GCI (Great Commission Institute) in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam (2007, 2008).

International Conferences

  1. 4th International Congress on Pastoral Care and Counseling, Holland.
  2. Fifth Asia Conference on Pastoral Care and Counseling, August 9-13, 1993, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.
  3. International Pastoral Care Network for Social Responsibility, Second International Theory Building Conference, Santa Severa, Italy, September 26 till October 1, 1994.
  4. International Conference on Pornography, January, 1995, Manila, the Philippines. “Saving Our Children’s Future.”
  5. Haggai Institute, Advanced Leadership Training, Nov. 13 – Dec. 8, 1995 in Maui, Hawaii.
  6. 12thInternational Seminar on Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counseling, Sept. 20-26, 1998 in Lakitelek, Hungary. Presenting paper: “Pastoral Care and Counseling in the context of Indonesia.”
  7. Asian Outreach Conferences: Shanghai, China (40thAnniversary) 16 – 21 Oct 2006 and Phuket, Thailand (annual Conference), Oct 8 – 12, 2007.

David Trisna.

David Trisna was raised in Surabaya in the influence of strong Christian parents. He graduated in Engineering and has been involved in youth ministry and choir. He was born again and Spirit filled in 1964 and continued with several areas of ministries. He moved with his family (wife Hanna and children Haniel, Mira, and Hubert) to the United States in 1990. Involved in mission activities in Ecuador. He currently lives in Friendswood, Texas, a suburb of Houston while worshiping at IFGF Houston.

Dr. Willie Tjiong.

Dr. Willie Tjiong is an ordained minister. He was born in Banjarmasin, Island of Borneo (Kalimantan), Indonesia. He grew up in Surabaya, Island of Java, Indonsesia. He was involved in varied church ministires. He has taught education ministry in the United States for more than 30 years. He taught in a public school, Florida. He was a professor of Education and Christian Education at Southeastern University,Florida. He was the director of the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) program and professor of practical theology at Regent University, School of Divinity, Virginia Beach, Virginia. At retirement, Regent University honored him with the rank of a Professor Emeritus. Dr. Linda Tjiong, is a nurse educator. She was originally from Surabaya, Indonesia. She became an educator, nurse manager, director of various departments, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at various hospitals in America. She also teaches graduate nursing courses at two American universities. She believes that nursing is a healing profession and touch those who are sick and in pain.

Pastor Christina (Rose Christina Lee).

Married for 36 years and have 3 children. Originally from Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia. Now residing in the Houston, Texas, US. Have been in ministry for over 30 years. Served as superintendent and also care pastor for children ministry for a total of about 20 years. Wrote Sunday school curriculum for the mission field for 15 years. Have been a local church pastor for 9 years in an international congregation. Served in missions intermittently for 25 years. Been to Sri Lanka, India, Uganda, Indonesia, Brunei and to the orang asli in home country of Malaysia. Role in missions is mainly in training Sunday school teachers, teaching in bible school, taking medical team to the mission field, and teaching pastors and leaders of churches, as well as, discipling potential people for leadership. The only on-going ministry in missions now is the last two on the list because of the limited time I have as an itinerant teacher.
Have two books published and is available in Amazon entitled:

1)“Are You a True Citizen of Heaven?” (Challenging Christians who think they are born again of the Spirit of God to take a second look at their spiritual life and make an honest evaluation.)
2)“Role of Priest and King” (Educating believers to understand this original plan and purpose of God is for every believer not just for those in the clergy.)

Our Location


Onsite Class

BSOM received help from many teachers located for away, from other cities in indonesia, they teach according to their passions and specialties

Online Class

Every weekdays morning 08.00 - 09.00 AM teachers and pastors from around the world, teach online through ZOOM. Several come from US cities and others from Indonesia

Sunday Service Live Stream

Every sunday we have a sunday service on BSOM Center at 09.00 AM (WIB) Indonesian Time. These are videos playlist for you can watch and enjoy message of God.

BSOM Retreat 2020

BSOM Retreat Schedule
BSOM Retreat 2020 (18 August 2020 - 21 August 2020) - Build intimacy with God. These are videos playlist for you can watch and enjoy message of God.

Tuesday Prayer Sessions with HWC

Every Tuesday We Have Prayer Sessions with HWC on BSOM Center at 08.00 PM (WIB) Indonesian Time. These are videos playlist for you can watch and enjoy message of God.

Friday Prayer Tutoring with HWC

Every Friday We Have Prayer Tutoring with HWC on BSOM Center at 08.00 AM (WIB) Indonesian Time. These are videos playlist for you can watch and enjoy message of God.

Discipleship Journey

Discipleship Journey for BSOM Students. These are videos playlist for you can watch and enjoy message of God.

Empowering the Market Place

The prayer - Marketplace Seeking His Heart. These are videos playlist for you can watch and enjoy message of God.


BSOM hopes to provide as many villages as possible with a church, where they can go to worship the Lord and be discipled .

Church Planting

Sebude Church Dedication
Batulaut Church Dedication
Malaban Church Dedication
Kubong Church
Batulaut Church
Malaban Church
ensuna church
In 2019 BSOM has planted 5 churches in different villages in West Borneo ( Kubong, Sebude, Ensuna, Malaban and Batulaut ), BSOM hopes to build more churches in 2020. and the following years.

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Dear Shalom, brothers and sisters in God. We would like to thank you for your involvement in this BSOM program. We strongly believe that what we have sown will not be in vain and all for the glory of the name of the Lord Jesus.

All donations that enter will be fully included in the Borneo School of Mission Foundation and the use of each donation will be adjusted accordingly type of donation. The use of money and goods will be inspected every month by accountants at the Headquarters of the Borneo School of Mission Foundation every month to ensure that they are used correctly.

Every month you will get pictures / video testimonials about BSOM activities. In addition, you will get our monthly report on the development of education in the learning process at BSOM schools.

God Bless You

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